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quietly in concealment

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In form true to Cool Britannia criticality--i.e., the art of the utmost mundanely pathetic--the characters in Doggo are not so much mutants as Aesopian caricatures of certain types all too familiar from the regularity offices staffed by the aspiring authorities who are out to assist, irritate, and devitalize you.
Pupper, doggo or pupperinos come in all shapes and sizes.
Waiting For Doggo by Mark Mills - a delightful romcom with a brilliant narrative voice.
If you're lyin' doggo in ambush and you get a whiff of that, abort the ambush an' scoot!
xxx DOTCHIN Ian (Doggo) Sleep tight Dad, you're with the Angels now.
"...I lay doggo on the other side of the privet shield."
At the first sound of the smoke detector, four-year-old Rue runs over and paws at her lap and then lies doggo on the floor to alert her.
David Davis, the former shadow Home Secretary who resigned from Parliament over civil rights issues and fought his way back in a by-election, has absolutely no intentions of lying doggo on the backbenches.
I've spent a chunk of my life lyin' doggo in situations where I had to let "era slither & skitter over my camo-clad self in strict silence, and I did not get used to it.
Alas the freezing water temperatures meant that the fish stayed doggo on the bottom and only 10 carplets were caught in three major sweeps of the net.
Anyway, Reagan always stuck to his script, and even if he had come to in the presidential library in Simi Valley, he would have stayed with his allotted role and lain doggo.
In "Genghis Chan: Private Eye XXX," Yau mixes Cantonese, Chinese, and English in such a way that no dominant standard English is set up as the norm against which pidgin or Cantonese is shown to be its deviation or opposite Other: shoo war torn talk ping towel pong toy salted sap yellow credit hubba doggo hubba patootie wig maw mustard tongue (Yau 2002a, 38)
(16) In this particular example, A is being called for by lie not by doggo.
But, much to the disappointment of his alleged attackers, Johnny Adair refuses to lie doggo.