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a comic verse of irregular measure

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A contemporary broadsheet, issued by Joyce, which set out the aims of the movement ended with this piece of doggerel verse: 'Take timely notice before the cry, / For I am the person that does defie Both great and small, but God above, / Who loves a man beyond a cow.'(8) Echoing this last sentiment, one of the most insistent themes in part four of Gulliver's Travels is Gulliver's inability to love his fellow men (even his wife) above horses.
Once the most widely read poet of early New England, Wigglesworth declined in popularity together with Puritanism and has since been considered a writer of doggerel verse. A modern edition of The Day of Doom prepared by Kenneth B.
Lord Curzon's long career in and out of politics not only generated an abundance of anecdotes and doggerel verse, but also a vast assortment of historical material.
Nor do I much like his kind of musical, which aims at a seamless operalike score, with long stretches of recitative delivered in doggerel verse. But I must allow as how Aspects of Love represents a high-water mark for this emerging and stiff nameless genre, whose antecedents include Sweeney Todd, Les Miserables and most of Webber's own work.
The astonishing response to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the invention of quite un-British rituals -- the sea of flowers, the trees and lamp-posts ringed with candles, the home-made icons and teddy bears, the outpouring of doggerel verse -- has defied explanation by any commentators on the nation's psychology.
The writers are by turns turgid, pedestrian, precious, and abruptly colloquial ("ego bene merdarem in vestram poetriam," 1:3); neither their prose nor, more strikingly, their doggerel verse shows a trace of standard rules for accent and prosody.
The drawings appeared as a series of chromolithographed prints in a book called A Happy Pair showing a pair of delightful rabbits out shopping and with doggerel verse by Frederic Weatherly.
Moreover, their doggerel verse and often scurrilous language suggest that they originated in the tavern world of pamphlets, epigrams and satire rather than among courtiers.
They liked the brightly coloured cartoon illustrations (there is a passing comparison with the Dr Seuss books), the doggerel verses ('London's often cool and clammy/Humid best describes Miami') and the general lightheartedness of the presentation.
It says something for the convivial spirit of the club during the 1920s that even a member as dour as Vincent Massey could make a name as a Great Hall wit, known for his inspired doggerel verses. The 1930s inaugurated a genteel decline in the club's reputation, which lasted until the post-war period.
Celebrating the tale of a closer-than-usual relationship between the family of the house and their servants, the original 'upstairs, downstairs' story comes alive in a series of witty portraits with doggerel verses.