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a comic verse of irregular measure

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It was a triumph of mind over matter, and as he explains in an earlier book on his crossing of Antarctica, a favourite doggerel is 'Always a little further, Pilgrim, I will go.'
Last week, she began posting again with this bit of doggerel.
Now three or four decades have passed Of sending doggerel to space, This very night at 8pm You will be here in my birthplace!
The title also includes coloured photographs of Caldwell's canine companions, along with a section of poetic Doggerel.
I also lost patience with the writers' insistence on telling the story in verse, leading to doggerel like ''Now be strong, get ready for battle/I will free you from your shackle.'' It's cute at first, but soon becomes cloying.
James McLennan's Triquet, the effete esthete who entertains the guests with a hammy recitation of his doggerel in Act II, was an audience hit and certainly provided the comic relief the opera prescribes at that point in its downhill slide towards death and despair.
Which Scottish writer was famous for his unintentionally hilarious doggerel? ANSWERS: 1 From an acronym of south-western township; 2 Australia; 3 The white mulberry tree; 4 Raisa; 5 Mocha; 6 Scrimshaw; 7 Brixton; 8 Graham Gooch; 9 The Catcher In The Rye; 10 William McGonagall.
If a piece of bar room doggerel and a fanciful interpretation of statistics is the best vaudeville that the Salmond and Sturgeon double act can come up with on the opening day of their showcase conference, heaven help us for the next two years.
Even stranger, is the decision to tell some of these stories in verse which is, sadly, little better than doggerel. 'When running teatime errands / Guto really showed his mettle / For he'd be home before his Mam / Had time to boil the kettle' gives the flavour.
The doggerel of McGonagall, much beloved by my grandfather who would ironically quote it, as he raised a glass, still makes me laugh:
Accordingly, I am at a point where words fail, as the saying goes, but they fail a little less, perhaps, if I turn from prose to poetry (or at least some brief doggerel) to cover some of the Dale-Simon common ground--and to convey my appreciation, bordering on worship, of Laura: wonderful scholar, colleague and friend.
Sendak, however, lightens the doggerel text with wonderfully wild and vibrant illustrations that dance through the pages.
However, Steve said Tychyna survived by writing collections of Soviet doggerel.
But, only days after the city council leader declared he no longer wanted to be part of the PM's big idea, because the level of cuts imposed on Liverpool made the whole thing untenable, the gloves have come off, and Mr Cameron is raking up political doggerel from years ago that simply shames him and his party.
"Often described as a song of Gen X malaise," Kelman and Rosen write, "'Loser' is actually a headier concoction: some folk, some hip-hop, and some Dylanesque doggerel, all mashed-up with the nebbishy neurosis of Alexander Portnoy and Alvy Singer.