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primitive long-bodied carnivorous freshwater fish with a very long dorsal fin

any of several small sharks

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Gwent and District SAC moved the club fixture to the shelter of Swansea Bay where dogfish kept the rod tips bobbing and Keith Skipper, from Cardiff, added another win to a highly successful year with the club when he caught a dozen with a total weight of 6.
The recent recovery, with increased abundance, of spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) in the late 2000s in the northeast U.
Spiny dogfish were collected by targeted sampling cruises, state and federal assessment surveys, and opportunistic fishery bycatch samples between July 2004 and April 2007 across the GOA (Fig.
Often fishermen elect to kill dogfish they catch, leaving them on the beach for the sea gulls, instead of releasing them.
The US ale is made by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware from ingredients such as chocolate malt, oats and roasted barley.
Two dogfish and two pollack gave Richard Thomas a winning 1.
The dogfish, or rock salmon as it is sometimes called, can reach lengths of up to a metre when fully grown and is an important species for commercial fishermen in this country.
With natural gas we can expand our operations while also reducing our carbon footprint," said Greg Christmas, spokesperson for Dogfish Head.
Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman and Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione struck upon the idea over glasses of beer.
DOGFISH and thornback ray are massed on the sea bed in the Mersey and providing tons of bites and exciting action for boat anglers.
At 21 per-cent proof Dogfish Head World Wide Stout is five times more potent than normal beer.
Abstract--From 1978 to 1988, approximately 71,000 spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) were tagged off the west coast of Canada.
Derek Gooch, from Penygraig, had dogfish, bull huss and cod for his 88 points and Neil Gilbert finished in third place with 64 points.
10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery have teamed up for the "Off-Centered Film Fest" short film competition on April 15 & 16 in Austin, TX.
Dogfish Head Brewery held a 75 Minute IPA Simul-Cask on Thursday, March 26th at 7:50 PM EST, with the new IPA simultaneously tapped at select accounts in three states.