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a fighter pilot who engages in an aerial dogfights

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282) As a result, the worst that befalls a dogfighter is the loss of valuable breeding stock and time invested in training.
The F-16 was designed to be the world's best dogfighter, able to achieve extremely high kill ratios either with its Sidewinder missiles or with its guns.
XIII-XIX, claymore mindreading palmleaf teacups, Sherman tankards, saltpeter, WWII-era pin-ups, CO2 cartridges, dogfighter modelsets, elephant glues, squid-flavored inkstain gums .
People Express is the brainchild of Chairman Donald Burr 44 a bold dogfighter who harasses competitors mercilessly while piloting his own company in a distinctly unorthodox manner.
Previously the founding members have made games such as: Richard Burns Rally, Fastlane Street Racing, Futurama the Game, Rally Championship, Hot Wheels: Extreme Racing, Airfix Dogfighter.
Star Fox 64 3dS (out next month) dragged nintendo's '90s space dogfighter into the 21st Century by incorporating gyroscopic controls and wi-fi multiplayer skirmishes.
The luminaries at the ACTS in 1935 hardly could have guessed that Hitler would soon start a war, the laminar flow wing would succeed, radar would come within five years, the aircraft carrier that was the British Isles would survive, Hitler would attack Russia before Britain was finished, Japan would end US isolationism, the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine would turn an attack plane into an effective dogfighter with superior range, Hitler would retard fighter development, Germany would not go to full mobilization until 1943, the Norden bombsight would not have pinpoint accuracy, Ultra would enable wonderful intelligence, Luftwaffe training would go to the dogs, the German people could endure the burning of Hamburg and Dresden yet go back to factory work, and on and on.
Beginning as a dogfighter, the F-16 has developed into an outstanding multi-role combat aircraft, culminating in the 21.
There's a simulator, PowerPoint slides and a video, backed by a soaring musical score, in which Air Force pilots rhapsodize about the fastest, stealthiest, most advanced dogfighter ever built.
The Tomcat has been a dogfighter, an interceptor, a reconnaissance platform, even a bomber.
I was more of a dogfighter than a person who could win with power alone.
The third addition announced today is the acquisition by Playnet of Dogfighter Network (www.
And the prince's pals at the world-famous military academy have circulated on email a computer-generated image of Harry as the wartime dogfighter.
Airfix Dogfighter is the only game that makes your house look like a bomb has hit it and we've got TEN copies of the PC action fighter to give away.
When contacted, SHO Shafiq Ahmad said they had got information about dog fighting from the reliable sources and immediately constituted a party, which raided the area and, found the dogfighters red-handed.