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I don't know the man personally but Emburey has never struck me as looking particlarly fun, wearing as he does the pained expression of a man who has just seen his child tread dog turd into the living room carpet.
International marketing of this device - which had actually been based on another researcher's investigations into artificially-induced epileptic fits - came to an abrupt end when an executive from Holland slipped on a dog turd in the hallway of The Beat Hotel and promptly left.
What about my freedom to walk along a pavement without curried chip wrappers turning my jeans orange or my four-year-old falling head-first into a wet dog turd?
But, even now, I still chuckle at the PS, which read: "I was actually going to send you a dog turd through the post...
Drag queen Divine won the contest hands down by eating a real dog turd - an act that pre-empted reality TV wannabes.
Just think, if it wasn't for all those other fantastic distractions when I was a kid - raiding gardens for tumshies, chapping doors and running away, setting fire to a paper bag with a dog turd inside it and leaving it on an old dear's doorstep so she'd unwittingly stamp it out with her foot - I could have been a Wimbledon champ.
HARD luck to the bloke who bought the novelty dog turd at Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's garage sale at the weekend.
"I was going to send you a dog turd through the post but I could never have brought myself to lick the envelope."
If Croke Park chiefs insist on showing less respect to their elite hurlers and footballers than they would to a dog turd, the big names are entitled to take the battle to the sewers.
You could put a spray-painted dog turd on it, put the word "vintage" next to it, and people would be clamouring for it like crazed pensioners at a jumble sale.
Is it good luck when you skid on a dog turd and fall head-first into an open sewer?
Lola the incontinent bulldog christens the house(series 1, episode 2) and Ozzy declares: 'I live in an eight million dollar dog turd
- Jim McLean # David Beckham walks into the dressing room at Real Madrid holding a dog turd in his hand and says to teammate Ronaldo: 'Look what I nearly stood in!' - anon # They had a dozen corners,maybe12 - I'm guessing.
"In a stiff breeze that carried a hint of sewage, we gingerly pitched camp between dog turd and used syringes.