dog shit

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When I stomped out the blaze, I found out the bag was filled with dog shit, got it all over my shoes.
sidewalks of dog shit and sparkling mica, a train passing over the
Let's be honest, these cheap processed meats are 80 per cent water, so a bit of dog shit might add some taste.
As an opening voiceover poem read by Jadwiga explains, he helps her see the world by describing everything around them, from the color of the flowers to the dog shit she's about to step on.
The chaotic brain he shows us can contain Shelley's "Adonais," Louis Armstrong, Kierkegaard, dog shit, wet shoes, and flowers.
Stepping in dog shit and treading it into your girlfriend's parents' carpet.
Everyday after Work, which climaxes-appropriately--with a close-up of dog shit.
It turned out that DiIulio and his fellows were spectacularly wrong, and in a just world would be relieved of tenure status and sentenced to 5,000 hours of community service scooping up dog shit in public places.
For my work to stay real, it is important for me to walk down Sunset Boulevard in my Silver Lake neighborhood every Sunday morning, see the dog shit on the sidewalk, speak Spanish at the local morn-and-pop tienda.
Pink Flamingos is most noted for its outrageousness, nudity, rough language, and chicken mutilation as well as the "Bal'mer" coterie's pursuit of frivolity, scatology, sensationology, and skewed epistemology, not to mention the famous last scene wherein Divine eats dog shit for real.