dog pound

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a public enclosure for stray or unlicensed dogs


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In Turkey, you can take a stray animal to the dog pound to have this done for free.
Rivera-Wharton pointed out that having a dog pound is mandated by Republic Act No.
While eating with his wife Luisana and son Noah at LA's Cafe Med, a charity worker from a local dog pound walked in trying to drum up support for a puppy who had been ill-treated and left blind by its owners.
The unwanted pet was found wandering the streets of Leeds in mid-December and taKen to a dog pound in WaKefield.
Summary: Albert the Bengal tiger has moved into a dog pound.
OFFENDER 102mins AFTER Dog Pound and King Of Devil's Island, we're thrown back into borstal for yet another juvie jail drama more likely to exasperate than entertain viewers.
Could she not have gone to the local dog pound and volunteered him?
The animals will be captured by special teams, taken to the dog pound and returned to their usual locations on the streets, the report said.
The dog pound, which was the first area to start pro duction picking with voice, was up and running flawlessly within days.
It wasn't any hurt that stimulated such emotion but the words that paid tribute to a family pet which bore so much similarity to her own dog Chassi, a cross Newfoundland/Bernese that had been mistreated and left at the dog pound.
Dog Pound 18, 87 mins A harrowing account of brutality and retribution within the American correctional system, Dog Pound features troubled 17-year-old Butch (Adam Butcher), drug dealer Davis (Shane Kippel), 16, and 15-yearold Hispanic car thief Angel (Mateo Morales) who are sent to the Enola Vale Correctional Facility in Montana.
Horrified Garfield schemes to rid himself of the dumb dog who is soon locked in a dog pound.
The decision was a blow for dog pound owner Marty Burrell, who took the dog in after he was found abandoned on a doorstep in the town.