dog paddle

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an elementary swimming stroke imitating a swimming dog

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Even those who never learned how to dog paddle stand a chance.
Luella won't even do duck things like swim--until, on a family trip to the lake, Pancake starts to dog paddle, and Luella splashes into the water after him
I've seen guys release so bad it looked like they were trying to dog paddle after the shot.
Although Dog Paddle sounded a little silly when it was first proposed, it has since become a hit--for the community, fundraising and the media, according to Jerry Hancock, enterprise superintendent, and Don Fisher, aquatics manager at Lexington, Ky.
He then put Trudy into a river, telling her to paddle like a dog Trudy quickly mastered the dog paddle and was eager to learn more.
Dog paddle Spring Biathlon Swim Ages 6 and under Freestyle (25 yards) Ages 7 to 8 Freestyle (50 yards) Ages 9 to 10 Freestyle (100 yards) Ages 11 to 12 Freestyle(100 yards)
Whether you swim like a fish or just dog paddle, there's plenty of time to practice your strokes for our new age-group swimming event.
Though a number of coaches have encouraged a side-to-side hip rotation and alternate breathing stroke techniques, Jake insists on using his tried-and-true dog paddle.
Fairgoers gathered around the piggy race track to watch the tiny black pig do a dog paddle that would make any golden retriever turn green with envy.
The dog paddles out on its short length of chain and the boy holds out his hand to be licked.