dog catcher

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an employee of a municipal pound who is hired to round up stray dogs and cats

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However, welfare activists are calling for more co-operation from officially appointed dog catchers so they can care for the animals once they are relocated.
One day, the dog catcher enticed Bandit off (his owner's) property and took him to the pound," he said.
It is found that dog catcher team doesnt have vehicle to operate against these stray dogs.
It is found that dog catcher team doesn't have vehicle to operate against these stray dogs.
The media most recently turned its attention to an incident that occurred in the village of Buffalo Narrows where three of a woman's dogs were shot by the municipal dog catcher and discarded at the village's garbage dump.
Once people read it, there'd be no way that Ted Kennedy could ever run for president, maybe not even for dog catcher in Massachusetts," the New York Post quoted him as writing.
Christopher Lloyd has fun with his bad dog catcher character Stan Cruge and when the magical Christmas Icicle starts to melt, the pups have to use all their wits to help save the day.
Voters will also be asked to formally accept the state statute that gives enforcement powers to the dog catcher and assistant dog catcher.
The real problem is not Jackie's schedule; it is that I don't think North America really has much of a democracy anymore, notwithstanding the repetitious calls for freedom and democracy around the world from American politicians running for dog catcher or president.
Giuliani is not fit to be the local dog catcher, let alone the next president, no matter how strong (iffy, at best) his gay cred seems to be.
As for George or Brad--well, I'd vote for Clooney even if it was for dog catcher.
Or maybe the council has something like a dog catcher that collects up all the strays and puts them in a hedge somewhere.
For a man who had covered riots and worked on gritty documentaries, the two vacancies offered a stark choice: become a dog catcher or a gorilla kiss-o-gram.
It's a tough row to hoe being head dog catcher,'' said Teri Austin, president of the Amanda Foundation, the region's largest rescue group for dogs and cats, which operates a mobile spay-neuter clinic with city funds.
In a compound with a singular count noun as head, such as dog catcher, English requires a determiner to form a noun phrase.