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a hard biscuit for dogs

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This local Bay Area dog biscuit company based in Oakland, CA prides itself on offering only the highest quality treats with no artificial additives or preservatives.
Founder Charles Cruft was a general manager for a dog biscuit manufacturer but his job took him to dog shows across the country, sparking an idea to set up his own.
The Oregon Public Health Division reported on Friday that a dog in Douglas County caught the bug after eating a tainted dog biscuit.
DOG BISCUIT WREATH You will Need: Small foam wreath 1 roll of craft ribbon (wide width) Straight pins Scissors Bow Pipe cleaners Small dog biscuits 12-inch-long ribbon (narrow width) [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Directions: 1.
Yeah, you might have to give them a dog biscuit from time to time, but once the basics are met, they are pretty much in it for the relationship.
LUNENBURG - Patrick Walsh, 7, left, and his 4-year-old brother, Sean, taste the record-breaking dog biscuit on display yesterday at the town gazebo.
The small dog then ran up to his master to be treated with a dog biscuit.
For human vegetarians wanting a healthy, meat-free, make-it-yourself, snack or treat for their canine companions there is now Patricia Leslie's The Wholesome Dog Biscuit cookbook in which this vegan and dog friendly author provides thirteen tasty, natural-ingredient recipes for vegan, sugar-free, allergy-free dog biscuits and treats ranging from Great Danish Cookies and Tail Waggers, to Veggie Crunchers and Langues de Chow.
The other ingot is shaped like a dog biscuit and does not resemble any other Bronze Age ingots found in the Mediterranean.
One hundred students have created a dog biscuit business, making, selling and distributing dog biscuits to help them gain business skills and employment experience.
CARE chiefs have given a clean bill of health to a nursing home where a staff member fed a dog biscuit to a dementia patient.
Dog hoodie, collapsible water bowl and dog biscuit mix hit annual list
1886: The first Cruft's Dog Show to be held in London, was organised by Charles Cruft, general manager of a dog biscuit firm.