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Hughes was the first jockey to expose the stupidity of the original whip rule changes, a dog's dinner cooked up by the same brotherhood that has now imposed this strangely disproportionate ban.
After all, if you had paid the equivalent of the Greek national debt for a seat only to witness a dog's dinner you, too, might be pretty upset" Actor Michael Simkins on the booing at the first night of Dvorak's Rusalka this week "Boardroom Brady believes absolutely that in business and in the boardroom cool and calm always trumps an adversary in full cry.
But SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson said: "Des Browne's departure shows just how much of a dog's dinner Gordon Brown has made of his reshuffle.
One tells of celebrity Ioudmouth Gordon Ramsay making a dog's dinner of PR by belittling his chocolates range, which includes a Just Desserts product, while the other talks about, well, a dog's dinner of another kind, this time from Town & Country Petfoods.
It was a dog's dinner presumably meant to demonstrate that in the early 1900S artists of several nationalities working in several styles were living in Paris.
Long, long, long on exposition (voice-overs, acting-dancing doubles, singing, et cetera) and short on kinetic interest, the work incorporates a banal script by John Gould Rubin, not-bad songs and music by Phillip Johnston and the rappers Public Enemy, among others, some tepid yet hideous decor and video via David Salle, and a veritable dog's dinner of dance forms These include a traditional ballet blanc, an Indian number (weirdly akin to the "Coffee" variation in The Nutcracker), hip-hop, techno-modernism, and some Eurotrashy ballet-as-aggression.
THE rabid Tories are going to make a dog's dinner of Brexit as they savage each other like pit bulls in a fight, too busy to notice what's happening around them.
A SCOTS pub has responded to a boom in four-legged visitors by offering a dog's dinner to guests.
For more info about this read The Dog's Dinner by Val Strong.
The dog's dinner one of them could make out of North Korea should be enough to have Kim Jong-un choking on his dogs' dinners.
For what it's worth, I thought the previous badge was a dog's dinner, cannot recall the Latin motto being on the shirts during some of Everton's finest years and believe there are far more pressing things for supporters to protest over.
11) is right to describe the interim proposals of the Parliamentary boundary as a dog's dinner, but falls short in the letter explaining what a farce is presented to us.
Either that or they merely want Wales to move on and acquire a more effective and efficient form of government, (like Scotland and Northern Ireland), rather than to remain stuck in limbo with the failed and flawed political dog's dinner we have to stomach at present.