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Synonyms for doff

take off


Synonyms for doff

to take from one's own person

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The lower court concluded that the time donning and doffing items such as safety glasses and earplugs was minimal in comparison to the remaining items and therefore, the entire period of time spent getting ready for work was not compensable.
In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled workers must be paid for the time spent walking between their changing areas and their work areas after donning and before doffing their specialized protective gear.
Where donning and doffing must be paid, and where actual working time must be recorded starting from the beginning of the employee's dressing into uniform and putting on safety equipment, the employee's subsequent time spent walking, waiting and performing other activities during the workday is increasingly likely to be viewed as part of the continuous workday--and thus, to be compensable under the FLSA.
Many people in law enforcement and the unions that represent them feel that there is a uniqueness to the donning and doffing of a police uniform and the accompanying protective gear that entitles them to be paid for these activities.
In affirming the lower court's decision, the Steiner Court held that the employees should be compensated for the time spent showering and donning and doffing their protective work clothes because they were "integral and indispensable" to the principal activity of battery production.
Tyson said donning and doffing, as referred to in the lawsuit, is nothing more than putting on clothing, "which in our plants, typically includes a hair-net, earplugs and a white lab coat," the news release said.
The agreement resolves a dispute over a poultry-industry practice of not paying workers for time spent donning, doffing and sanitizing at the plant.
Doffing shoes and socks, the viewer entered a darkened room, divided in half by a wall, whose floor was completely covered in a thick layer of squishy talcum powder.
LONDON -- Hunting PLC (LSE:HTG) ("Hunting" or the "Company"), the international energy services company today announces the completion of the acquisition of the business and assets of W L Doffing, L.
Tenders are invited for Supply of best quality moksha break resistant special belnd abs simplex bobbins suitable for lakshmi lf4200/ax auto doffing speed frames 16/400 mm lift, 450 mm verall lenth 48 mm outside a with special funnel polyacetal (pom) bush for minimum wear in 25.
Providing direct observation of health care workers during the donning and doffing processes for PPE.
She clearly remembers him doffing his hat to acknowledge their presence.
In May 2009, Edehnann's In-Line Slitter Winder M640 was demonstrated operating at a speed of 912 m/min including during roll doffing.
The jury originally held that donning and doffing protective equipment does not constitute work, but the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals overturned that ruling and sided with the Supreme Court's findings in IBP v.
But if you can tolerate the stuff, you'll appreciate the stiff dose of relationship drama that runs between scenes of demure dames doffing for the good cause here.