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Synonyms for doff

take off


Synonyms for doff

to take from one's own person

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Simply stated, if there is a law, custom, or department policy mandating that the uniform and equipment be donned and doffed on premises, compensation for those activities will be required.
He even doffed his hat to the crowds when he was so ill, that proves his tremendous courage throughout his 15 years of fighting five types of cancer.
The new XRT suit "is a single mission coverall that can be donned and doffed multiple times in the event of false alarms," says a spokesman from W.
FUNDRAISERS have doffed their Santa hats to the people of Warwickshire after their sleigh ride raised a record amount of cash.
He's doffed his economist hat and donned his futurist one for much of the book, and the results aren't pretty.
For example, the Court concluded that "the locker rooms where the special safety gear is donned and doffed are the relevant 'place of performance' of the principal activity that the employee was employed to perform within the meaning of Section 4(a)(1).
When veteran Jim Harris was asked what services he liked most, he doffed his knit cap to show his new haircut.
Canadians this year doffed their toques to American fare such as Doom, Flightplan, Four Brothers, and Wedding Crashers.
The old farmers doffed their duds for the photos, but they maintained a bit of mystery by posing behind items ranging from golf bags to potted plants.
Hats off, caps doffed, and any other headdress appropriately removed for the Sky Sports golf team, who bring us an eight-hour session of live first-round US Open action today.
Still, prophets are often honored posthumously, and a pair of modern filmmakers have doffed their caps to Greene with remakes of two of his best works.
LORD George Thomas, a great Houseof Commons Speaker, whom I knew as MP for Cardiff,noticed as a boy at Tonypandy Grammar School that pupils doffed their hats when they passed the caretaker,because he had won a chair at the Eisteffod,a great honour and achievement.
THERE were quite a few butcher's hooks - looks - when one London tradition doffed its cap to Cardiff.
When a man of such bulk and wearing such headgear doffs, you stay doffed.
Eventually, to the delight of the crowd, the Boogaloos doffed their jackets and got down to business.