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Synonyms for doff

take off


Synonyms for doff

to take from one's own person

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"They might decrease the interest rates in January or February 2009," said Doff. "Once
(28) The Court further held that the waiting time to doff the gear is compensable, while the waiting time to don it is not.
BOOKIES have doffed their cap to a mystery punter who travelled to Teesside to back the winner of this year's Man Booker Prize.
There is no eco-friendly control, so if you go down the chemical route, Pyrethrum (Py Spray garden insect killer, Bug Clear gun for fruit and vegetables and Doff all in one bug spray) can be used.
I mentally doff my cap to those senior citizens whose bladders, like mine, add to the stress of such occasions.
Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said that the NRO was promulgated in the circumstances when Musharraf was not willing to doff his uniform and he termed it his second skin.
If a team whose front four are just 19, 20, 20 and 22, can make it through a European tie against anyone at all, I'll certainly doff my cap to Eddie May for his faith in youth.
Lori Jeffrey of Toronto's BonaVista Asset Management agrees, "Quartet frees me up to do the business of the company instead of having to doff."
I'll always doff my cap for a coin or two - or, better still, give them to a worthy charity.
This is the right thing to doff said board president William C.
Doff wrote in the March 1962 issue of Nursing Homes:
With nothing to doff, worshipers weakly wave bulletins at their faces while dreaming of getting outside where there's at least a breeze.
They still believe that they are in the 18th century and we should all doff our caps to them as they pass.