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soft leather from deerskin or lambskin

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a fine smooth soft woolen fabric

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She describes, for instance, the arrest in 1866 of Eliza Hurd DeWolf, who appeared on the streets of San Francisco in a "dress-reform costume"--black doeskin pants, and men's boots, riding jacket, and hat--but she offers little speculation about DeWolf's personal life.
The brace features a breathable, wraparound sleeve with an integrated Sensil silicone calf liner, doeskin thigh liner, and adjustable cartilage protection straps, that prevent migration while ensuring patient comfort.
MATERIALS * 220 Superwash by Cascade Yarns, 100% superwash wool (220 yds/100g) in following colors/amounts: * 4 (8) skeins in color 1926 Doeskin Heather (A) * 2 (4) skeins each of colors 862 Walnut Heather (B), 872 Bitter Chocolate (C), 866 Forest Heather (D) * U.S.
Richard II, for instance, a prime example of royal profligacy, commissioned a coat of white doeskin hung from collar to hem with perfectly matched rubies.
This allows the reader to also enjoy doeskin trousers.
THE FAMOUS military red and black doeskin cloth, worn by generations of soldiers - and Prince William on his wedding day - was the inspiration behind a fashion design project for students at the University of Huddersfield.
She attended high school, helped out on the former Glenview Farm her family operated in Barre and was employed by Doeskin Co., Wheelwright; former Britton's Restaurant, Barre; and Quabbin Regional Jr.-Sr.
Instead they showed the classic Indian head in feather headdress or the Indian princess in beaded doeskin.
you are the presence of what were suburbs in 1955 white nymph anterior attention no words in you but lying in state like a flower like a golden sleeve god's assistance the imminent sting it was a book thousands of readers changed in the continuation the world is round but what will be brought to us can't be remembered an unknown source winced when you said it panting & kissing to coax into light that certain desperate branding iron hot noon singular like your heart with rejoicing a child sleeps in a pile of doeskin snowman rooted yearning to respond you touched her sleeping breasts forgot where you were freed from beat & measure but wilting could a dream send up that refreshing breeze that turns out to sea & eventually sleeps
Finished in Her Majesty's special order shade of dark green with doeskin interior, it's only done 43,000 royal miles and the estimate is an astonishing pounds 3,000-pounds 5,000.
Clothed, the male is feminized, sporting a silk shirt and a pair of doeskin gloves.
([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.]) AUSS hausse (type of breech site for a cannon), Saussurean OAS oast, boast, Milquetoast (an AEIOU word) OES doeskin, woesome OPS ethnosychology OSS osseter (sp.
They cost from pounds 375 for flat block in doeskin suede velvet up to pounds 675 for corner block luxury leathers.