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Synonyms for dodo

someone whose style is out of fashion

extinct heavy flightless bird of Mauritius related to pigeons

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In the Air Force, all candidates for flying training were considered dodos.
Dodos had unusually large olfactory bulbs, which may have helped them sniff out fruit, tiny mollusks and insects.
Dortmund also broke the 100 goal threshold for the tournament, but conceded in additional time when Dodo converted after the visitors were sloppy in clearing the set piece.
It is not about unemployment or poverty that we attributed the insurgency to when it initially reared its ugly head in 2009, but, rather, it is due to wrong religious indoctrination," Dodo said.
West Central is not only a wholesale distributor; it is a trusted name of quality operating on established values set by the company's founders," says Dodo.
La numerologia de Dodo es exacta y pertinente: no responde a una moda, sino a una estructura El numero siete da una idea de la perfeccion en la Biblia y en el Tarol representa al carro, donde un hombre triunfante parece alardear de su poder y su exito, pero si se le invierte, es simbolo de decisiones erroneas.
A few years pass, and Dodo becomes an art tutor to the family; Wolfie, still in school, helps with the horses, though he still pines for his lost Hero.
My understanding is that we're one of a number of clubs looking at Dodo at Roma," the source told Football Direct News.
Diolch yn fawr iawn i Llinos D Jones am ei llythyr hynod o ddiddorol am y defaid ar y croen a hanes eu gwerthu i Dodo Pantclyd - dwi'n dotio at yr enw Dodo
RARE dodo bones are to go on sale for the first time in nearly 80 years.
In a reference to the film's Polly - the dodo that thinks it's a parrot - visitors will also have the chance to see the renowned Oxford Dodo.
Earlier this year, California-based company Diablo Ballet performed Flight of the Dodo, a dance created from suggestions that had been tweeted by the audience.
Ritchie of Stevenson YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Rampage 9 Odium 10 Assam 11 Topsail 12 Eli 13 Fortress 16 Integral 17 Hut 19 Rebuffs 21 Debts 22 Carol 23 Scourge DOWN: 1 Greased 2 Emission 3 Warm 4 Corporal 5 Pisa 6 Imply 8 Enterprises 13 Free fall 14 Schubert 15 Stashed 18 Brick 20 Bare 21 Doom QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 War memorial 8 Sag 9 Rid 11 Pleased 12 Friar 13 Old 14 Are 15 Vaulted 17 Kit 19 Used 21 Alec 23 Stop 25 Ripe 27 Aim 29 Treason 31 Apt 34 Den 36 Crumb 37 Tugboat 38 Tot 39 Dry 40 Publication DOWN: 1 Wall 2 Aged 3 Message 4 Muddle 5 Rifle 6 Aria 7 Liar 8 Spook 10 Dread 16 Duo 18 Tap 20 Spa 22 Let 24 Thought 25 React 26 Tactic 28 Minty 30 Rebel 32 Prop 33 Tutu 34 Dodo 35 Earn
Cosmo, the last dodo bird on Earth, finds himself in terrible trouble, running from the evil Captain Tork.
If you've dropped your mobile in water and find that it's dead as a dodo, here's an idea that could bring it back to life.