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any polyhedron having twelve plane faces

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The above observations imply that if the dodecahedron is the graph with the smallest forest ratio, it follows that when considering graphs of higher girth, the graphs with the smallest forest ratio are dodecahedra with some edges subdivided.
We figured that CO2 ice could crystallize as several forms related to the cube: into cubes themselves, of course, as well as octahedra, 12-sided rhombic dodecahedra, tetrahedra, or even much more complicated forms like pentagonal dodecahedra and 24- sided hexakisoctahedra.
Promising also is the dominance of octahedra above dodecahedra diamond forms, pointing to little resorption.
Instead, one must try to imagine the effect of filling the space with a latticework of dodecahedra, each having 12 pentagonal faces (see cover).
4] tetrahedra sharing corners to form five-membered and six-membered rings, which define large polyhedral cages in the shapes of pentagonal dodecahedra and tetrakaidecahedra.
These specimens consist mostly of very sharp, malachite-encrusted dodecahedra with single crystals up to 5 cm in diameter, and crystal groups with 1-2 cm crystals up to 15 cm across.
As stated before, dodecahedra of sodalite family minerals are frequently modified by minor cube and octahedron faces.