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Synonyms for doddering

Synonyms for doddering

exhibiting the mental and physical deterioration often accompanying old age


Synonyms for doddering

mentally or physically infirm with age

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There was nothing demure or doddering about the fancy aerial splits she performed from way up high-and her legs were still lovely and lissome, for good measure.
Fearful of the repercussions for his father's health, David agrees to indulge Woody's fantasy and he accompanies the doddering patriarch on his journey to the offices of the lottery company.
Fearful for his father's health, David accompanies the doddering patriarch on his journey.
LaGarde, on her part, hoped that her talks with GCC financial officials would result in boosting IMF's efforts at creating stable financial and economic markets worldwide, including in some Arab countries that are beset with doddering economies.
There's no re-visiting this downstream, and I don't see it coming back into theatres at all unless 20 years from now they want to do something and I'm a doddering old guy that can't stop them," the Daily express quoted James as telling to the Total Film.
In seventeen minutes, director Clay Liford tells the story of a widowed aged mother and her twenty-something year old son, who is forced to grow up and see his mother for who she is--not a doddering delinquent, but a woman who has survived her husband's death to cancer.
Douglas Hodge--who delivered the great British farce "See How They Run" with sublime comic spin a couple of years back--will helm the jet-black tale of a bunch of crooks whose antics are foiled by a doddering old dear.
That was apparent when Catherine Zeta-Jones, 39, stepped-out with her 64-year-old husband, Michael Douglas, left, whose doddering demeanour made him look well in need of his bus pass.
JOHN Sergeant has been mercilessly bullied out of Strictly Come Dancing, but the show is still bursting with doddering oldsters.
Pakistan's economy is already doddering with the local currency sliding sharply.
Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens--a doddering old fool-voted to give the EPA authority over [CO.
After a prologue to explain the mythology of The Monkey King (Jet Li), the film begins in Chinatown, New York, where kung fu crazy misfit Jason (Michael Angarano) often goes to rifle through DVDs at a pawn shop run by doddering Old Hop (Jackie Chan).
This time he also gets to do tipsy firefighters, a loony old man who thinks he's a ghost, two doddering witches named Dora and Delia, the aforementioned Spanish virago, and several German immigrants.
Jerry Rubin described the trial as a "cartoon show," and the slick CGI scenes capture the defendants' antics, the doddering judge, and Seale being bound, gagged, and ejected from the courtroom.
The doddering onetime major studio didn't really know what to do with UA's classier traditions, and pretty much contented itself with exploiting the Bond franchise.