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Synonyms for dodder

a leafless annual parasitic vine of the genus Cuscuta having whitish or yellow filamentous stems

walk unsteadily

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Smoothseed alfalfa dodder is the most important species of alfalfa in Turkey and has been dispersed worldwide from southern Europe.
Depending on the dodder species, victims include asparagus, melons, sugar beets, petunias, garlic, chrysanthemums and oak trees.
Once a dodder plant makes contact with a host, it quickly coils repeatedly around the stem, and through the use of numerous haustoria, penetrates the plant.
170,000 has been provided for the provision of two playing pitches, a grass athletics track and a BMX track in the Firhouse Road section of the Dodder Valley Park.
Because dodder maintains direct associations with host vascular tissue and can parasitize multiple plants simultaneously (Kelly and Homing, 1999), plant pathologists have long utilized it as a vector for viruses (Bennett, 1940).
We therefore carried out a quantitative analysis of the carotenoids of the dark orange stem of dodder.
Some RNA molecules siphoned from the host plant remain stable in dodder, traveling several centimeters within the parasite, researchers report in an upcoming New Phytologist.
The lightly weighted Dodder Walk, who was beaten half a length by Cousteau, looks the one to follow home the selection.
THEY didn't exactly dodder onto Court Three supported by Zimmer frames, but in the strange world of elite tennis, a second week Grand Slam match between two players with a combined age over 71 was the closest thing you were going to get.
The dodder then grows closer to the source of the smell.
When dodder seeds germinate in spring, thin, yellowish stems twine around whatever plants they touch, extracting water and nutrients from them through rootlike haustoria (food-absorbing growths).
It's a delicious blend of hare's ear root, white tuckahoe and matrimony vine fruit, not to mention fleshy broomrake, dodder seeds and horney goat wee.
The disappearing coastal salt marsh habitat of California has a small number of native, specialized plant species, which include a native plant parasite, alkali dodder (Cuscut salina).
Their experiments called for using a parasitic vine called dodder as a bridge between poinsettia and periwinkle plants.
In addition, numerous samples of undergraduate students have been studied (Courtenay & Weidemann, 1985; Luszcz, 1982; Miller & Dodder, 1980; Palmore, 1977; 1981).