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Synonyms for documentation

confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence

program listings or technical manuals describing the operation and use of programs

documentary validation

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Prior versions of the research credit regulations contained specific documentation requirements that elicited significant negative comments from taxpayers.
Remember physician and hospital documentation and coding go hand in hand.
New equipment adds other problems to the documentation process.
Documentation will also come in handy if you decide to bring a suit of your own in connection with a Y2K-related system failure.
When business partners and government regulators ask for assurance that an organization is addressing Y2K issues, they will expect to see documentation such as project charters, business impact analyses, contingency plans, and testing records.
The regulations state that a taxpayer must have "contemporaneous documentation" of its transfer pricing determination, must provide that documentation within 30 days of an IRS request, and must reasonably believe that its transfer prices would "more likely than not" be sustained on the merits.
Company B made the presumption that individualized, customized documentation templates are highly valued by all anesthesia groups, including those of the hospital in our example.
So in December 2005 the ASB tightened the requirements governing documentation by issuing SAS no.
Subprime loans with alternative documentation compared favorably with loans with full documentation with respect to two key parameters: credit score and LTV ratio, the report noted.
A second driver of change that increases the importance of documentation at the input supply and farm level are new regulations in the U.
When doing a field audit, the tax authority normally requests the TP documentation and gives the taxpayer no more than six weeks to provide it.
For example, document management solutions specialists provide excellent documentation support, but are considerably less proficient in providing risk assessment and business process mapping capabilities.
It also provides enhanced guidance on matters that should be documented, including guidance on documentation that should be retained, and requires the auditor to document audit evidence that is identified as being contradictory or inconsistent with the final conclusions, and how the auditor addressed the contradiction or inconsistency.
It's amazing to me to see the resources dumped into restudying and forever debating how documentation is compromising direct care when, in fact, it's intended to improve resident outcomes.
The Dragon NaturallySpeaking SDK Server Edition is designed to be integrated into clinical documentation systems by transcription service organizations, healthcare ISVs, and systems integrators.
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