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Saeed Ahmed stated that launch of the docudrama was to create awareness about the ills in the society created through delivery of money internationally via illegal channels of 'hundi' and 'hawala'.
Along with its exhaustive slate of titles spread across Films, Television, and Animation, it will also present its latest exclusive production in Cookery, Docudramas and Web series.
We've had the docudrama what about a proper television film?
5SUNDAY 5 SUNDAY - HE spent three years interviewing Bloody Sunday victims and soldiers who were present on January 30, 1972, for his 2002 Channel 4 docudrama.
The Docudrama highlights the emotional decision-making process faced by Naveed`s family and discussed the steps leading to his brain death, its diagnosis and the decision by the family to donate the young man`s organs amid legal implications when there was no transplant law.
Post-credit crunch, and with the subsequent tightening of lending restrictions by banks, the prescience of the docudrama seems further underscored.
Channel 4 is marking one of the grimmest anniversaries in modern history with this feature-length docudrama that tells the story 9/11 in the words of key political and military leaders, as well as ordinary people caught up in what happened on that day.
El cineasta Carlos Bolado tambien relata los hechos ocurridos en septiembre de 1810 con el docudrama televisivo El grito que sacudio a Mexico, el cual se estrena este domingo 29 a las 21:00 horas en Discovery Channel.
Her admiration for this " difficult to understand sport" was on display at the launch of Poor Cousins of Million Dollar Babies , a docudrama on women cricketers in the country, directed by Sunil Yash Kalra.
Shingle notably co-produced TV hit "Trafalgar," a historical docudrama featuring CGI settings and greenscreen background shooting.
Kolkata, Sep 9 (ANI): A docudrama titled 'Indian Women's Cricket team Poor Cousins of Million Dollar Babies' highlights the disparity between men and women cricket players in India.
GRIEF LIES AT THE HEART OF Goldstar, Ohio, Michael Tisdale's docudrama following four families connected to the 22 Marines from a battalion headquartered in Brook Park, Ohio, killed in Iraq over seven days in August '05.
John Waters, who hosts Court TV's new docudrama series " 'Til Death Do Us Part," isn't a mogul, and he's not really an animatronic ghoul, either.
There are, unfortunately, monsters aplenty in Michael Winterbottom's docudrama The Road to Guantanamo (Roadside Attractions, 2006), but they are Gitmo's keepers, not its inmates.
Why Style," Peinado's exhibition at the Swiss Institute, riffed on Wild Style, Charlie Ahearn's 1982 docudrama about the budding hip-hop movement in the South Bronx.