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Synonyms for doctrinaire

Synonyms for doctrinaire

devoted to certain doctrines without regard to practicability


Synonyms for doctrinaire

a stubborn person of arbitrary or arrogant opinions

stubbornly insistent on theory without regard for practicality or suitability

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In miniature, the difference can be clearly seen in Podhoretz's new book of essays, The Bloody Crossroads, where the literary essays based on a careful rereading of the text are truly stimulating and not always doctrinaire (he says that Solzenhitsyn, that great neoconservative hero, is a not-great novelist), but a political essay on the "new class' is familiar, unsubtle, and not likely to convince anyone who doesn't already agree.
It could be argued that religion is exercised as a form of social, intellectual and positive control over society as a whole and that critics use their own elevated position to justify rigid and doctrinaire interpretation of the meaning of existence to reinforce the authority of their own certainties of opinion.
With his ever-growing bent for breaking taboos, understanding social complexity and deepening humanistic realizations, Eastwood is a libertarian even the most doctrinaire Democrat can love.
Each successive Labour Government has been the most rapacious, doctrinaire and unpatriotic conspiracy to be seen this side of the Iron Curtain" - 1979
Albert Maltz (Destination Tokyo) was to challenge the doctrine in a 1946 New Masses article, arguing that doctrinaire politics often resulted in poor writing.
Looking through the most negative lens are religious fundamentalists, doctrinaire psychoanalytical types, and, probably most dangerous, therapists who don't see themselves as homophobic but who really believe that being gay or lesbian is evidence of incomplete or immature psychological development and possibly the underlying cause of other psychological problems.
Today's Catholic deconstructionists manage to combine a creedless theology with doctrinaire politics.
Call it the camp of Max: ferociously learned, voluminously wide-ranging, humanistic, tender at heart, but not at all forgiving of anything sensed as doctrinaire or narrow-minded.
As dissatisfied with the spongier elements of the New Historicism as with Tillyardian doctrinaire reductionism, Wells takes issue with the polarity of political collusion and resistance as a critical premise, affected renunciation of a privileged canonicity, and self-conscious appropriation of transhistorical totalities of intellectual and social processes, while he waives comprehensive philosophical critique to recent monographs.
Wilson claims that the Corbusian takeover, with its doctrinaire formulae, narrowed and impoverished the Modern Movement at the outset: in Aalto's words, the architectural revolution 'began with enthusiasm and ended with dictatorship'.
The attachment to doctrinaire socialism on the one hand, and the destructive influence of Welsh nationalism on the other, constitutes a toxic brew.
The two-thirds vote requirement forces compromise, softening the doctrinaire approach of one party or the other.
He said that the Tories were now "that rare and dismal thing - a doctrinaire sect without charismatic leaders".
Her policy prescriptions - such as allowing the government to "penalize" broadcasters if more than half of their output fails to meet her idea of "PG standards of quality and decency" - are predicated upon vague yet doctrinaire notions of consensus and the common good ("Children are our most important investment in the future").
As Thomas McEvilley put it in his forward, Morgan "is not doctrinaire - though British neo-Marxism has no doubt left a mark on him.