doctor-patient relation

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the responsibility of a physician to act in the best interests of the patient

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The opening section examines the "ground rules of the doctor-patient relation.
In the malpractice context, this would entail adopting a no-fault compensation scheme, which is committed to strengthening collaborative doctor-patient relations, enhancing patient safety and systemic learning, while providing adequate compensation.
By regulating those instances of medical care that constitute malpractice, the law has in effect shaped the entire spectrum of doctor-patient relations.
Some research portrays contemporary doctor-patient relations as a battle zone with most physicians viewing "every patient as a potential malpractice lawsuit.
By placing relationships at the fore, this new approach undermines the harmful hierarchy between clinical and communication skills, emphasizing the contribution that effective and healthy doctor-patient relations can have on the quality of care.
7) While no-fault systems are by no means new, former proposals for no-fault regimes in this area were designed to advance other goals, and therefore could not bring about a deep transformation of doctor-patient relations.
Apologists for the Study have cited different standards of race relations, doctor-patient relations and views on informed consent in research to justify the Study.
Median awards for other types of malpractice cases included $400,000 for nonsurgical treatment cases; $300,00 for surgical negligence cases; and $230,000 for doctor-patient relations cases.
This nightmare vision was epitomized in the first state court case to apply the self-determination ideal specifically regarding the regulation of death in doctor-patient relations.
noted the importance of improved doctor-patient relations as an element of office testing.
Even more importantly, we were able to deliver improved doctor-patient relations by reducing wait times for accessing patient records.
Change of any kind often evokes fears, and many patients feared the erosion of doctor-patient relations under state-run medicine.
We're beginning a change in how doctor-patient relations are established and [considering] how paternalistic they have been, I think we'll see major changes in the future where they become less that way," said Elliot Sussman, M.
draws upon fieldwork in local clinics in the American Southwest, within the context of broader political and economic contexts of neoliberal healthcare in the United States, to investigate how this situation came to be and to consider the social and ethical implications for doctor-patient relations.
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