docking fee

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a fee charged for a vessel to use a dock


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High docking fees and uncompetitive services were major reasons why Cyprus lost its status as the main Mediterranean transshipment hub.
I understand Mr Chowdhury will want to recoup some of the reported PS100,000 he spent on buying her and the docking fees, and probably make a little bit too.
Docking fees and demurrage costs can eat away at the company's profit.
The captain of the port expressed hope that the Fact-Finding Commission on Corruption and Embezzlement will initiate an investigation to prove the ownership of these two yachts, whose docking fees have not been paid by the ousted president's family.
Over water costs may include: temporary dry storage costs, fuel, oil, parking, docking fees and en route.
The revenues pledged vary by issuer, and include airport net revenues, hospital net revenues, performance ticket surcharges, and boat harbor docking fees.
Sea-Land will pay wharfage and docking fees for its ships and will have a "reserved parking space" on the dock at regularly scheduled times.