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The camera pulls back to reveal a tiny and bare patch of "beach" upon which we see Beatty dressed as a native "sailor" or dockhand replete with head wrap, a striped shirt with a pattern of circular cut-outs, and loose cropped white pants.
Enlisted as dockhands, many became ensigns and mess and pantry officers.
11) On arrival in the New World, sailors and dockhands rubbed enslaved bodies with palm oil to tone their skin and 'ready' them for sale.
Importantly, the new facility will boost jobs including truck drivers and dockhands.
The business has six dockhands (college students) that make $8 to $10 per hour plus tips.
When the dockhands at the marina heard our plan to take the 26-foot pontoon to the Dry Tortugas, they said we were crazy to attempt that journey with our rig, especially with the impending storm.
Both sides of the river were known as rough areas until the 1980s -- the haunts of hardened sailors and dockhands.
Recently released from prison, Dunn was the sort of heavy who, accompanied by nothing more than his shadow, was enough to send dockhands scurrying for cover like scared rats.
As readers and writers, legislators and city council members, farmers and dockhands, workers and employers, Northern men and women responded to this question with a public debate over the possible outcomes of emancipation.
They made a sound like angry babies, and the dockhands called to each other in Portuguese, and someone somewhere played a mournful tune on a harmonica.
College student Svihovec and high schooler Crociata, who were working as dockhands at the marina, witnessed the accident.
Hank Davis, one of the rural "idlers" among the dockhands, admits to Bill Sampson that he has "'never seed sich a booty in [his] life,"' to which Sampson "meditativeiy" responds," 'Strikes me, Hank, thet thet female's got a black streak in her somewhar'" (41).
A much more plausible assumption is that the half to three-quarters of the workforce left out of tax lists and city directories, in Philadelphia and most other cities, was mainly composed of working people including sailors, servants, carters, dockhands, and other menial occupations.
Other laborers who assist skilled workers include blacksmith helpers, construction laborers, dockhands, and material handlers.