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Synonyms for docket

Synonyms for docket

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

Synonyms for docket

(law) the calendar of a court

a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to

place on the docket for legal action

make a summary or abstract of a legal document and inscribe it in a list

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To be sure, concern over the Court's docket size may depend on how one perceives the Court's role.
An individual with mental illness who has violated his probation may also be placed on the mental health docket. His or her sentence is re-imposed and a stay of execution is ordered conditioned upon completion of the mental health program.
"We made an enquiry with the director, and no such docket has been handed in," he said.
The most direct method of determining whether membership changes have contributed to the declining plenary docket is to look at the individual votes of Justices on a Term-by-Term basis.
"There's great reluctance among in-house people to look at whether a case or a docket can be handled on an alternative fee basis because they haven't done it before and it's a change, it's new," Nicholas says.
My instinct is the same as Professors George and Guthrie's that a larger docket would be desirable.
Intuitive alerts and tracking: Users can now configure alerts and docket tracking in fewer steps and manage CourtLink and Lexis Advance alerts together.
Out of frustration, the pensioner, in 2017, petitioned the Inspector General of Police on the belief that the missing docket was a deliberate attempt by the Amanfro Police to stifle investigations and the prosecution of the suspects.
He added that citizens are already receiving dockets from Khidmat Centres established at Mayo Hospital, Services Hospital and Jinnah Hospital.
MCA Kiplombe Ramadhan Ali said the Health docket takes more than Sh1 billion of the county budget and is critical to the public.
The court has rerouted dockets in certain divisions as crews continue to clean up a water leak which occurred before the court was set to reopen Monday.
He said any issue of public importance for which public input is required can be placed on the website as docket and the input can be synthesized in the form of information for decision making.
An efficient docket system could have helped the firm avoid this unfortunate situation and a costly professional liability claim.
"We are aware that there are courts that have overloaded salas or dockets...The proposal here therefore would assign judges at large to support or to assist practically in passing these cases that are loading the docket so that justice could be made more swift.