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the trait of being agreeably submissive and manageable

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I always felt saddened by the sight of that poor girl's absolute quiescence on all occasions, and it was my custom to look at her, to address her, as seldom as possible; her extreme docility, her assiduous perseverance, would have recommended her warmly to my good opinion; her modesty, her intelligence, would have induced me to feel most kindly--most affectionately towards her, notwithstanding the almost ghastly plainness of her features, the disproportion of her form, the corpse-like lack of animation in her countenance, had I not been aware that every friendly word, every kindly action, would be reported by her to her confessor, and by him misinterpreted and poisoned.
From my infancy I was noted for the docility and humanity of my disposition.
Quasimodo allowed them to array him in them without wincing, and with a sort of proud docility.
I don't know that it would do any good," said Tarzan, "as I have an idea that these lions are a little different from any that we are familiar with and possibly for the same reason which at first puzzled me a little--I refer to the apparent docility in the presence of a man of the lion who was with us today.
When John spoke in that masterful tone, Meg always obeyed, and never regretted her docility.
It is the statement of missionaries, that, of all races of the earth, none have received the Gospel with such eager docility as the African.
But the West, by holding on to this flawed perception that it is supporting docility and 'moderation' against 'extremism', paradoxically has left the Middle East a less stable, more dangerous and violent place.
On the road the GranTurismo feels very special, with the growling V8 and sixspeed autobox combining to deliver naked aggression when pushed but with the docility of the aforementioned lamb when cruising.
And second, even if the current trend does come to its natural fruition, we face not jackboots and concentration camps, but something more gentle and clinical: a bureaucratic autocracy feeding and feeding on the sheep-like docility of its clients.
This interesting example of what can happen when a normally mild-mannered creature is provoked beyond reason is a salutary lesson for those tempted by the apparent docility of the breed to encroach upon their personal space, or their natural habitat known as the 'Technical Area'.
In his latest, Bruno Niederbacher likewise calls for such learned docility in both the human soul as well as in the modern Academy.
To carry out its mission of terrorizing Soviet subjects into docility and--liquidating entire populations that proved troublesome--the Cheka filled its ranks with unreconstructed criminals, perverts and drug addicts.
The latter, which starts with deceptive docility before building in intensity, steals the show.
Given the resistance beforehand, car-owners seem to have accepted the new system with docility.
Judging by his current state of docility I suspect Andrew's been getting industrial strength doses.