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capable of existing or taking place or proving true

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I have seen it done, and been part of it when it has been done, so it is a massive word in capital letters - it is still doable.
I think it is a doable business; it must be a doable business.
Instantly, the Grand Vision morphed into a realistic vision that is doable, affordable and installable in communities across America for considerably less than the estimated $150+ billion price tag of the NHIN.
I didn't believe I had the time, but felt one meeting was doable.
Of course biodiesel is physically doable, but it doesn't make sense," Smil says.
She admits that her approach is not quick and easy or a plug-and-play program but holds that it is doable for any congregation that puts forth a commitment to work on identifying and empowering people within their community.
Zeilsko concluded, "Pam Olson has been guided by uncommon common sense, an unfailing sense of humor, and a solid sense of the doable.
After the votes were tallied it seems that what the kids most wanted to see Josh ollie was a dreaded 10-flat-10 doable set they'd seen in some far-flung corner of the Woodward grounds.
He notes that "bringing in international artists in the post-9/11 world is more difficult, but still doable.
But the other three are doable, and the group has excellent recommendations for action.
There was general agreement that a documentary festival was desirable and doable, but it became evident that it wasn't going to happen with the players at the table.
In addition, there are five pages of creative, mostly doable activity ideas for extending reading of folktales via writing, discussion, artwork, research, and performance.
Clearly, Bart and Joy have discovered that making a success of an upscale vegan restaurant while satisfying their personal goal of protecting the earth and all its inhabitants is very doable.
And break down your tasks into small, doable parts.
Further, I am delighted to tell you that making this whole assignment possible and doable for me is our new Managing Editor, someone well-known to all of us for her intelligence, her spirit, her energy, and her devotion to the AMAA, Barbara Baldwin, with whom I will be working very closely.