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Synonyms for ditto

a mark used to indicate the word above it should be repeated


Related Words

repeat an action or statement

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The main thing I gained from the week of management training was 20 simple questions to ask yourself about everything you do.
If your answers are "No" and "A long time ago," don't feel bad: Nobody--including the most ardent of the Republican axe-wielders--knows enough about what these places do.
You did the hard work of maintaining the collective base out of which people did what they wanted to do.
World class athletes do what American companies must do.
Ewer recommends doing the things that make life easier and forgetting the things you don't have to do.
Increasingly fixed-hour prayer got to be seen as something you had to have clergy to do.
So in the Anglo-Saxon countries, you would look at the immediate results, quarterly results, and yearly results more than we do.
Task identity - you identify personally with what you do.
The microcomputer, or as it's more commonly called, the personal computer (PC), can do almost everything minis can do.
I don't look like I have "the fight stuff," but I do.