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etlich Christliche und trostliche Lobgsang (DKL [1534.sup.04]), Das dritt Byechlin tier Geystlichen gsang (DKL [1535.sup.05]), Das drift Byechlin der Geystlichen gsang, and Das vierde Byechlin d' Geystlichen gsdng (DKL [1536.sup.01]).
But this is a case where the information in DKL can be somewhat misleading.
DKL's subsidiary purchased the assets from a subsidiary of Delek US, which currently owns 62.4% in the buyer, according to its website.
This acquisition follows DKL's buy of Delek US's assets at the Tyler refinery in Texas that was announced in July last year.
It should be noted that DKL does not include all the melodies found in a particular source, but only those that appear for the first time.
The principal parameters of DKL are that it includes those tunes associated with German texts that have appeared in print.
The bibliography was originally planned to form the first volume of DKL and should have been followed by subsequent volumes containing the melodies in some form of chronological sequence; however, research was protracted, there were numerous delays, and Lipphardt's death in January 1981 brought progress to a standstill.
When DKL was originally planned, each source was given a DKL siglum constructed from abbreviations of either its place of publication, title, editor/publisher, format, or a combination of these elements, together with the year of publication.