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give out as one's portion or share

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Fair enough People everywhere divvy up food and make other deals based on social concepts of fairness, not individual self-interest, a cross-cultural project found (161: 104).
His immediate family and a small gang of "business people" divvy up the nation's oil wealth among themselves.
More problems arrived last month in the shape of shareholder Paul Scott, who is organising a campaign to force TEAMtalk to divvy up some of its `excess' cash reserve - before it is spent.
Or he could sell a 30% stake in Mediaset to Murdoch and divvy up the remaining 18% between his kids.
He starts by imagining 100 people landing on a new planet and trying to figure out the best way to divvy up the work and allocate the rewards.
They are newcomers to a high-stakes dispute over how to divvy up the water that supports the state's $30 billion farm economy, supplies its cities, and generates $500 million of electricity a year.
Rather, The Nation's political community sees itself picketing outside the room where the decisions are being made, sticking up for the rights of the "permanent minority," whose interests always manage to get screwed when those fellas (and occasionally women) inside divvy up the goodies.
But currently, drug makers tend to divvy up their detailing dollars based upon whether physicians are heavy prescribers or light prescribers -- not on how quickly they understand the nuances of a particular drug.
The brewers allegedly had secret meetings to divvy up the Dutch market.
Because of the building's proximity to the United Nations, various international missions have become rental tenants in much of the unsold 130K s/f, leaving the next owner with a choice of whether to again try to divvy up and sell the property as individual office condos or maintain it as rental space.
We ought also examine our own passivity, even as the politicians squabble about secondary matters and divvy up the public wealth in ways that provide precious little public benefit.
The county and the team were supposed to divvy up arena profits 20/80, but after the first five years the Panthers had pocketed $53.
Researchers typically recruit college students to play games in which two or more strangers divvy up a sum of money using a set of ground rules.
There is no battle of ideas to win, only a brawl to divvy up the juiciest slices of pork left in the federal government, which are contracts under the military budget and approvals for foreign-arms sales.
F executives hope to raise $100 million in an initial public offering, and then could follow suggestions to divvy up the remaining shares of the company to a private equity firm.