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And I realised that soon she will snap, and push him off his urban divvy carrier, leaving him in the gutter.
The deal combines Proxibid's know-how in marketing and marketplace position and VRS' distribution and channel relationships, providing the buyer with a distribution facility and access to strategic channel partnerships that were not within its reach, Divvy said.
They are newcomers to a high-stakes dispute over how to divvy up the water that supports the state's $30 billion farm economy, supplies its cities, and generates $500 million of electricity a year.
Rather, The Nation's political community sees itself picketing outside the room where the decisions are being made, sticking up for the rights of the "permanent minority," whose interests always manage to get screwed when those fellas (and occasionally women) inside divvy up the goodies.
It would have to be a black eye, a blackjack habit, crack, to divvy up
5 million, five-year sponsorship investment to support, expand and strengthen the popular Divvy bike share program.
Still no progress: The foreign ministers of the five Caspian coastal states met last week in Moscow and failed for the 23rd year to agree on how to divvy up the Caspian in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union.
PAUL BLACKWELL SAYS: "The Co-Op is known for its dividends, but it seemed to have found a prize divvy in Paul Flowers, its ex-banking chairman.
But last night a bitter political row broke out over how to divvy up the extra cash.
The spat between the councillors blew up after Coun Besag, who represents Walkergate, declared: "I see Coun Higgins is the latest Labour divvy to claim Newcastle Council is censoring Geordie expressions.
Later this month, the board will decide how to divvy up the remaining seats.
The county and the team were supposed to divvy up arena profits 20/80, but after the first five years the Panthers had pocketed $53.
There is no battle of ideas to win, only a brawl to divvy up the juiciest slices of pork left in the federal government, which are contracts under the military budget and approvals for foreign-arms sales.
But currently, drug makers tend to divvy up their detailing dollars based upon whether physicians are heavy prescribers or light prescribers -- not on how quickly they understand the nuances of a particular drug.