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one of two or more integers that can be exactly divided into another integer

the number by which a dividend is divided

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Let [E.sub.n] := Exc([[psi].sub.n]) be the [[psi].sub.n]-exceptional divisor. Then [f.sup.-1]([E.sub.n+1]) = [E.sub.n] for any n [greater than or equal to] 0.
None of the industry observers would be surprised to see the divisor reduced in the near future to 120.
Assuming that the theorem holds up to some K, observe that for each divisor d of n the condition [D.sup.2K+3] (d) [intersection] [D.sup.2K+3] (n/d) = {1} implies that [D.sup.2K+1](d) [intersection] [D.sup.2K+1](n/d) = {1}} on account of [D.sup.2K+1](d) [subset or equal to] [D.sup.2K+3](d) for each d.
Different concentrations of the divisor were tried (6, 8, and 10 [micro]g/mL), and the divisor concentration (8 [micro]g/mL) was found to be the best choice regarding signal-to-noise ratio, repeatability, sensitivity, and average recovery percent when used for the prediction of aclidinium by the proposed methods is shown in Figure 3.
* How the divisor, the remainder, and the quotient (total number of bags to be made) all are related?
It divided the seats accorded to each province into two allocations, with half apportioned proportionately by bloc with an initial Sainte-Lague divisor of 1.5, and half going to the individuals with the most votes, regardless of their bloc.
let, GCD be the greatest common divisor of screen dimensions SW and SH.
It is known however that Paolo Ruffini was aware of the technique for dividing a polynomial dividend by a linear divisor with greater efficiency than algebraic long division.
The relationship of that base with the divisor plays a crucial role in most of the number theory problems (David, 2007).
First thing to consider is that number of bits of dividend, divisor and outputs (Quotient and Remainder) should be the same.
Mas malaki ang advantage ko 'pag maraming divisor (I will have a greater advantage if there were more divisors), he said.