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the quality of being divisible

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It is persuasive in arguing that the divisibility of matter was a metaphysical question whose content is not exhausted in discussions of the paradoxes of the mathematical infinite.
cause some NEV lawsuits that are noncredible absent divisibility to
Now, Mahlburg has come up with a combinatorial explanation for the unexpected divisibility patterns.
Scholastic monetary system was a constitutional regime congruent with the axiom of divisibility and, because it was congruent with this axiom the passing of time was considered causally neutral with respect to the production of economic value.
Division is also the origin of madness: for there must be a limit to divisibility if reason is to produce intelligible language, if the letter is to arrive at its destination.
The proffered solution of omitting "under God" is tantamount to worship of a graven image, a big no-no in several major religions, and to have it both ways only highlights our divisibility.
Neither writing nor selfhood can escape the divisibility, contingency, or inextricability of writing/naming history; "history," by this logic, is never anything that can be named, or made equal to the writing of its name: t is not a concept.
Des Chene bypasses this well-trodden material in favor of such less-studied topics as the definition of life, the distinction between the soul's powers, and the divisibility of the soul.
A] soul or an animate substance is surely infinitely more perfect than an atom which is capable of no diversity or further divisibility, whereas every animate being contains a world of diversity in a true unity.
Students can identify patterns, relationships, and divisibility rules with multiples of 3 on a hundred chart.
There are sub-sub-atomic particles still to be discovered-named; no observable limits to divisibility.
There is no scope for an abstract standpoint here since at least three interrelated problems also arise: ecumenism, dialogue, and the divisibility of truth.
Fourteen silver dimes equal just over one ounce of silver for greater divisibility and flexibility.
Divisibility was coded as "difficult" but not impossible if the population was interspersed together with the resources or if the population was concentrated into distinct regions with one region possessing most of the resources.