diving petrel

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any of several small diving birds of southern hemisphere seas

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In the Common Diving Petrel, numbers of nonbreeding adults were low (mean 7.
Body condition was lowest in 1987-1988 and in 1991-1992 for the Thin-billed Prion and Blue Petrel, and in 1992-1993 for the Common Diving Petrel (Fig.
On the other hand, no significant correlation was found in the Thin-billed Prion or Common Diving Petrel ([r.
30 Source of Common Diving Petrel Trait variation N df [chi square] Breeding success Year 4 16.
The coastal Common Diving Petrel seems to respond similarly by maintaining breeding output during poor early feeding conditions (e.
discovered dead: "The majority of birds we're finding dead are diving petrels,