divine right

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the doctrine that kings derive their right to rule directly from God and are not accountable to their subjects

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Grummer, who seemed to consider that any slight cast upon the divine right of magistrates was a species of blasphemy not to be tolerated.
Divine right is a good-enough earthly romance, but it don't go, here.
Environed by them, while the Woodman and the Farmer worked unheeded, those two of the large jaws, and those other two of the plain and the fair faces, trod with stir enough, and carried their divine rights with a high hand.
MacMillan also expressed dismay at the apparent lack of commitment at Parkhead saying: "Rangers have no divine right to win games but fans have a right to expect players will give their all."
Freedom is not a privilege granted by Parliament but a divine right. Once it's taken away you will never get it back.
"Nobody has a divine right to win in this league - as has been shown by some other results in the division this weekend.
"The players have come to terms with that and maybe the fans also realise we have no divine right to do it."
He said: "No team or club have a divine right to win every game.
It is obvious to everyone Celtic have improved and while Rangers have no divine right to win all the time we will be back.
Ever since then I've viewed people who take winter skiing holidays as a divine right, as roughly one step down from Satan.
Although the coveted No.9 shirt is available following the departure of Savo Milosevic to Real Zaragosa, Gregory insists Collymore has no divine right to it.
DAVID Cameron may behave as if he has a divine right to be Prime Minister but he will not win a battle with God over ConDem plans to persecute the unemployed.
'No one has a divine right to be in the team but there is great team spirit and all the players know this is a great club to be at.'
But you haven't got a divine right to wear that national jersey.