divine guidance

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(theology) a special influence of a divinity on the minds of human beings

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Mr Perks said: "They took him into their confidence in the belief that he was providing religious or divine guidance. They were completely taken in by him, believing that God had sent him in their time of need.
These two resources of knowledge in themselves might not be sufficient without some divine guidance. This is because the pure and innate natural disposition may be clouded by personal weaknesses, social pressures, or other historical forces.
Speaking on the occasion, distinguished Muslim scholar Mufti Ismail Noorani said that the Muslims believe the holy Quran to be the book of divine guidance revealed from Allah to Mohammad (PBUH) and holy Quran is the foundation of every knowledge.
It was faith, reliance on divine guidance, and music that would help her through the difficult transitions and lead her to achieve a successful career at the infamous Folsom Prison.
And I haven't gotten that" TV's Oprah Winfrey seeks divine guidance on whether she should run for the US presidency.
And I haven't gotten that" - TV's Oprah Winfrey, above, seeks divine guidance on whether she should run for the US presidency.
With the state of traffic along these diversions, man and beast, passengers and freight in all manner of vehicles, you travel on a prayer and divine guidance. The return trip was another adventure; a story for another time.
If you accomplish the blessed opportunity ( to do so), Divine Guidance will come to your aid, too.
It takes one to a depth of understanding that divine guidance is motherly in its unconditional loving, its nurturing of our souls, its acceptance of our limitations, and in embracing us with love and forgiveness.
Trump makes no claims to divine guidance; in fact, he seldom mentions religion.
HOUSTON'S Stacy Lewis claimed divine guidance led her to a first win in three years after pledging to donate her prize money to flood victims.
After the service he offered a Christian message to the faithful and suggested he was looking for divine guidance to help him with the affairs of state.
Burlington, Canada, April 29, 2017 --(PR.com)-- North America's Soul Purpose and Business Energetics Expert, Jennifer Longmore Announces The Release Of Her New Book, "Divine Guidance From The Akashic Records: Your Essential Blueprint For Living A Spiritual Life In A Human Body."
Harrell dives even deeper into the world of visions, computer-PK (mental influence over the computer), divine guidance, the psychologist Carl Jung, and science.
Synopsis: "Hierarchy from Love: Divine Guidance for a Soul-Driven Planet" by Julie Holbrook is a powerful expression of the author's knowledge that love must triumph over fear to restore and rebalance the Earth and human lives.