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Synonyms for divinatory

resembling or characteristic of a prophet or prophecy

based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence

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One important ritual role of birds only briefly alluded to in chapter IV is their utilization in divinatory practices.
After the Oba, Ifa priests are the next most prominent group of people who use the irukere as a symbol of their priesthood and of their power to dispense ase like an Oba, albeit only at divinatory and formal sessions.
The preternatural dream is the most common divinatory event in Lovecraft's tales, often had, unwittingly, by main characters, as precursors to a horror they will soon face.
Similarly, on page 207 it is stated that the buduh magic square is not only used for talismans but also for divinatory purposes and thus that certain designs may be used in both magic and divination.
The first section of the article begins by differentiating between yijing and the closely related, but conceptually divergent, divinatory text, the I Ching ( [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
After consulting his divinatory stones and providing this client with more information on which dates are 'good for travelling', the headman cleansed him from the 'curses' which had caused his alcohol-addiction, by means of an unusual ritual procedure.
The hexagrams of the ancient Chinese divinatory text I Ching (Book of Changes) provide a second model for Huang; six horizontal lines, joined or broken, are methodically arranged on the canvas and often outlined in black.
The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford continues its partnership with LAPADA for the second year running, and this year's headline lecture comes courtesy of Islamic art specialist Francesca Leoni, who offers insight into the 'licit' divinatory arts practised in medieval and early modern Muslim societies.
Although, church-based healing associated with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church can be traced back to the 16th century which involved a rich complex of practices based on the use of esoteric medical and divinatory texts and the manipulation of letters and numbers as well as the invocation of spirits, and the use of herbal therapies (hence, church-based healers underwent rigorous training lasting many years and dealt with a range of physical and social problems).
This article focuses on this divinatory practice in an attempt to describe it and analyze it from two complementary perspectives: narrativity and psychology.
The face of the crowd is a face in the crowd, fleeting, slippery, gone before you blink." Like the face, the handprint can also be magical and lyrical as "loops dip into the mystery of indigo pools", as in the hand of Fatima, the auspicious eye, as the divinatory magic of palmistry.
Its caretaker, Tibetan monk Julian Li, claims to have divinatory powers and predicts that the revolution will end in a triumph and will give independence to the city, making the temple a historic site.
This herb has hallucinogenic effects and is used in certain regions of Mexico for healing and divinatory rituals.