dividing line

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a conceptual separation or distinction

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Evans of Clough Lane, Brighouse Her home at Clough Lane, Brighouse, is right on the boundary between the two local authorities, Kirklees and Calderdale, with the dividing line on her original driveway.
During his walk along the dividing line, Pavlopoulos greeted members of the public and had short conversations with some.
But I think it's important to say that this dividing line between the 45 per cent and the 55 per cent is one that we are going to have to move beyond.
But funny, isn't it, how the dividing line between funny and offensive now depends not on what is said but who is saying it?
Israeli occupation troops stationed in the same dividing line opened their fire towards Palestinian citizens and their homes along the eastern area of Khan Yunis and al-Qarara village.
The cube will sink until it reaches the dividing line between the normal and heavy waters, at which point it will float midglass.
The 50-point mark is the dividing line between expansion and contraction.
Others ask - where is the dividing line between the two?
Because of the size of the tree the wall can't be rebuilt on the dividing line.
The central dividing line will be marked with paint which has Swarovski crystals, making it extremely bright and visible, even in downpours and thick fog.
The PM in one 30-minute session shredded his Tory opponent and demonstrated how inheritance tax will be a significant dividing line at the general election.
The dividing line between the parties could not be more clear - Labour's new 50p tax rate on top earners puts the burden on those with the broadest shoulders - while the Conservatives take the burden off the rich and land the consequences on the rest of us
There is a dividing line within the decision making system, which cuts through visible and invisible layers of authority.
The city's ``Shop Santa Clarita'' campaign urges residents to spend more in town, but some are unaware Interstate 5 is a dividing line.
Written by journalist Jay Waitkus, Dividing Line is a suspenseful, action-packed novel about Jack Skye, a one-eyed mercenary whose dangerous work hunting murderers and terrorists comes back to haunt his personal life.