dividing line

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a conceptual separation or distinction

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But he's worried about the 7th Grade because, with forced integration, black students will be bused over the dividing line to join him.
And, to many, what makes the dividing line truly crucial is that one position the "not" side appears to be the enlightened one while the other is the anti-human rights-and-anti-national-interest position.
Maybe he's too passionate at times, but the dividing line is so thin between first and second.
Polas village lies in close proximity of the LoC in Poonch district and has seen many casualties in the past at the hands of Indian troops, as for a considerable time the heavily militarised dividing line has been witnessing exchange of heavy shelling between rival troops in a serious breach of the 2003 truce agreement.
Scientists have long set the dividing line between giant planets and brown dwarfs at 13 times Jupiter's mass, the minimum mass required to ignite deuterium fusion in an object's core.
I do think there is shared trauma among the post-war generations at the same time, it is often also a dividing line between those whose relatives survived the Holocaust, and those who live with a feeling of secondhand communal guilt.
Mr Corbyn's passionate speech to an audience of Labour activists and journalists was an unashamedly left-wing pitch which will delight his supporters and draw a clear dividing line with the Tories.
In three-lane scene, the front bumper of target vehicle was taken as the dividing line, and 3 types of the interest-sensitive area when the target vehicle was in the middle lane, left lane, and right lane were shown as in Figures 1(a), 1(b), and 1(c).
The layout dates to the 12th century, when wars and land feuds kept altering the dividing line between the properties of rival noble families.
Bearing in mind that in Macedonia the dividing line between left and right ideologies has long become blurry a question emerges whether it is possible for the major political parties, because of the manner of drafting their election programs in consultation with the citizens, to pledge the same measures as vehicles for accomplishing the same goals during their election campaigns.
Labour would have still be on the wrong side of the referendum question as far as Yes voters were concerned and the SNP have done a masterful job at making the constitution the new dividing line in Scottish politics.
Trident was a major dividing line between the trio and the Labour Party.
Helen, shown left, said: "The original driveway was the dividing line for Kirklees/ Calderdale.
In statements, near the dividing line at Ledra Street, Pavlopoulos described his walk along the ceasefire line as a "walk of reflection", saying the fact that EU territory was under foreign occupation could not be accepted.