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Synonyms for divider

a taxonomist who classifies organisms into many groups on the basis of relatively minor characteristics

a person who separates something into parts or groups

a vertical structure that divides or separates (as a wall divides one room from another)

a drafting instrument resembling a compass that is used for dividing lines into equal segments or for transferring measurements

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'The CONDIS product line has been regarded as a reliable provider of high voltage capacitors for circuit breakers and dividers for two decades,' said Lijiang Chi, Chief Engineer and Vice GM of XJ, a participant in the ZhangBei DC Grid Project.
8 shows the electrical circuit with the use of a high-voltage capacitive voltage divider of the type CDV-1,2, designed to form a non-standard commutation aperiodic pulse of a time shape of 250 [micro]s/5000 [micro]s of amplitude up to [+ or -]1 MV in the long air gap between the electrodes [E.sub.1] (disk) and [E.sub.2] (rod) [16].
A three-port power divider with a power division ratio of 9: 1 was reported, including about nine LC elements in its fabricated sample [9].
1 is developed to be a switchable power divider with two switching states where the input power can be switched between the output ports pairs (1, 2) or (3, 4).
Steering a radar's beam digitally to scan one direction is known as beamforming, and power dividers are used to emit signals of varying phase and amplitude to the antennae.
Since the divider should be matched at all ports and should divide the input power equally into the two output ports without any power loss at two different frequencies, the even-mode half circuit of the divider should be matched at both ports with loss-less transmission.
The article organization is as follows: Section 2 discusses the design procedure of the proposed UWB NTLs power divider. Simulation and measurement results of a designed example are presented in Section 3.
With the help of the software Ansoft HFSSv13.0 and the Agilent E8363B network analyzer, S-parameters of the in-phase power divider are simulated and measured, as shown in Fig.
Frequency divider can be one example of such design when it is used as feedback divider in frequency synthesizer for wireless communication systems.
The first fixed-point divider (type1) implements a simple shift-and-subtract algorithm.
7 -- Outwater, a provider of plastics and architectural products, has unveiled multipurpose standard and "baby" Binning Divider Strips, which enable anyone to readily and economically create reconfigurable compartmentalized horizontal and vertical partitions or dividers for bins, drawers, cabinets, tables or displays in which objects must be segregated.
This reduces the average dough piece scaling weight by adjusting the divider in real time to compensate for changes in dough density.
Many of those who responded to the issue of debate this week in Times Xpresso, however, opined that it's not the road divider but speeding that kills.
ISLAMABAD -- Residents of federal capital Thursday demanded maintenance of broken road dividers with radium reflector along Kashmir high way as it was giving an open invitation to mishaps.