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an order of payment (such as a check payable to a shareholder) in which a dividend is paid

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Pinnacol Assurance announced on Monday it is distributing general dividend checks to its customers totaling $70 million.
But each of those options must come at the expense of the dividend checks. That means we would all feel the direct effects of any increase in energy and transportation prices, while the benefits of the fee would be more diffuse.
Alaskans pay no state sales tax or state income tax, and receive annual dividend checks from an oil wealth savings account called the Permanent Fund, which is politically off limits for general state spending.
Common types of unclaimed property include unredeemed gift certificates, vendor credits, and outstanding checks, such as payroll and dividend checks. Although the laws regarding unclaimed property have existed for decades, enforcement has been inconsistent.
-- New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company, the largest auto car insurance company in the state, announced it is continuing its 90 year record of issuing dividend checks to its policyholders, despite the current "turbulent economic climate."
Labrie explained that the dividend check's size is based on PHA's performance.
He also suggests that when corporations pay to pollute, the money is sent to each American as an annual dividend check One person equals one share in the commons.
While companies can fake sales and profits, a dividend check typically indicates the company's stated profits are real.
'He received two unexpected refunds for $114 and $500; his wife got a $400 dividend check...' Etc.
(1) A company can use accounting tricks to fake its earnings, but, so the argument goes, it cannot fake its dividend check. The earnings have to be real and cash must be in the bank before the checks can be mailed.
An uncashed payroll or dividend check is a common type of unclaimed property.
It's time to let investors and shareholders in on the everyday dealings of the business, as opposed to simply looking for a dividend check at the end of the year.
This means that investors will not receive a quarterly dividend check for the first time since 1937.
Typically, the dormancy period for shares of stock that pay a dividend begins at the date of issuance of the first dividend check. The 1981 Uniform Act requires remittance of underlying shares if at least seven consecutive dividends have not been claimed by the owner over a period of at least seven years.
For dividend-paying stock, the dormancy period will commence after the failure to deliver or cash the first dividend check; for nondividend-paying stock, the period will commence following the return of the second mailing to the owner or an earlier time when the holder discontinues the mailings.