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can be divided usually without leaving a remainder

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"You could raze the house, and that particular property may be dividable into two lots," said Lane County property management officer Jeff Turk, who oversees the county's sale of AaAeAeA tax-foreclosed propertie
EdgeCo clear view dividable grid containers are injection-molded from clear polypropylene copolymer which resists most solvents and chemicals.
The line now offers nine sizes of stack-and-nest totes, four new stack-and-hang bins, two new dividable grid containers, and one new over-sized bin--all in dear.
The 600 x 400-millimeter tote is dividable, with slots and dividers that create one, two, four or six internal cells for product storage and separation.
It also indicates that the optimization process is dividable, which preserves the block feature of Kronecker product matrix and enables fast low-scale matrix computation.
(2) The Avoided Even Set (AES) which contains any even number in the range [2, [P.sub.max]], such that this even number is dividable by any prime number in the range [5, [P.sub.max]].
The introduction of new formula in 2009 for the share of all provinces in the dividable pool has altered significantly.
Units of this size are in high demand and we have purposely made the two small units easily dividable to enable further accessibility for growing businesses in the area."
Two bedrooms on the upper level--both with exposed-beam ceiling, one that's dividable into two cell-sized bedrooms, according to listing descriptions, and the other with a wood-burning fireplace--share a skylight-lit landing and pint-sized hall bathroom.
[...] It is believed that as many as 2/3 of Russian and Czech vocabulary are morphologically dividable words.
As Merkel's predecessor, Gerhard Schroder noted the day after the 9/11 attacks, "Security is not dividable in our world.
How could communities, Degrees in schools, and brotherhoods in cities, Peaceful commerce from dividable shores, The primogenity and due of birth, Prerogative of age, crowns, sceptres, laurels, But by degree, stand in authentic place?
Caspian is heterogeneous and dividable in to three sections of north, center and south that are separated from each other by major faults in basement.