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Synonyms for divertingly

in an entertaining and amusing manner


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I was particularly happy to read an analysis of The Nice Valour, an endlessly and divertingly odd play that should be better known.
Mayhew's inventiveness is at its most striking in his divertingly exotic (and divertingly named) cast of characters, several of whom could easily have stepped out of The Arabian Nights--as, of course, could have a wonderfully mobile flying carpet which is quite capable of assuming a life of its own.
LEE Mack's sitcom Not Going Out (BBC1, Thursday) will never win awards for being cutting edge and fashionable but - as Miranda also proves - there's always a place for divertingly daft comedies packed with one-liners.
Some of it is divertingly jocular and makes its mark by the "send-up," capturing ironies and apparent hypocrisy in the most solemn forms of observance.
Buck didactically, but to my mind divertingly, has her explain for the reader the steps involved, in the guise of explaining the process to her older child, who is perhaps six or seven years old.
This engaging magic comedy is divertingly enjoyable and Mitchell and Webb are a good-natured and funny pairing.
His divertingly footnoted "glossary of the missing" ranges the alphabet to disclose what's no longer there--nursery rhymes, close harmony, mad dogs, Brylcreem, phrases, species, civilizations.
While part of me finds these diversions of the summer divertingly quaint, one cannot help thinking they are rather too puritan in nature and demand more pain than they give in pleasure.
A court that tames some popular critiques by putting conceptual edges around them (for example, by turning indeterminacy into a doctrinal search for "unclear" law) may still come to a resolution, but stops along the way to engage in a battle about its own image that may be unnecessary and divertingly self-involved.