diversionary attack

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an attack calculated to draw enemy defense away from the point of the principal attack

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KHAZER, Iraq: Iraqi and Kurdish forces advanced on a town near Mosul Sunday as part of an operation to retake the northern city from Daesh (ISIS), which staged an assault in western Iraq that appeared to be another diversionary attack.
It began with a diversionary attack at Lone Pine on the afternoon of 6 August 1915, which succeeded in taking a heavily defended complex of Turkish trenches but cost the lives of 2000 men of the 1 st Infantry Brigade.
During the offensive, Smith was sent on a diversionary attack at Tingkrukawng.
There were technical hitches, as German artillery responded vigorously, but Royal Marines landed in a diversionary attack.
Regarding the question about whether Khe Sanh was meant as a diversionary attack or a main element of Tet, the author presents both sides of the argument, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions.
By nightfall, radio reports suggest two soldiers, probably from the Afghan National Army who have launched a diversionary attack from the south, have been killed and there is one T1 case - someone with a lifethreatening wound.
A 12-man patrol, sent out on a diversionary attack, was ambushed with two killed and the rest wounded.
At about 2000 hours, with the enemy's indirect and small-arms fire continuing, a diversionary attack was launched on Tower 9, across the FOB from Tower 4.
The Allies went to great lengths to make the Germans believe the D-Day invasion was only a diversionary attack and that the main invasion would come where Hitler and his generals most expected it, in the Par de Calais area of France.
Cadwalader would take one division, about 2,000 strong, to engage in a diversionary attack against the Hessians quartered south of Trenton at Mount Holly.
No diversionary attack on trial lawyers could quell the call for holding this industry accountable for its misdeeds.
He fought at the costly Loos attack in September 1915, and took part in the 46th Division (North Midland) failed diversionary attack at Gommecourt on the Somme on July 1, 1916.