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Synonyms for diversify

Synonyms for diversify

make (more) diverse

spread into new habitats and produce variety or variegate


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vary in order to spread risk or to expand

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Larger groups leave too much room for dissention, and small clubs have a hard time raising the capital to properly diversify.
Within your international funds, you could diversify further by investing in both established financial markets and less-developed countries (known as "emerging markets").
We should use the financial plight associated with oil price slump as a motive for realistic planning to diversify source of national economy and leverage the available human, natural and non-oil resources.
Diversify believes in providing a thorough, well-informed and balanced perspective to each of our individual clients.
"We want to diversify, number one in Europe, number two in the United States, and then in emerging market economies," said Farhat Bin Guidara, governor of the Central Bank of Libya and a member of the board of the state's investment authority.
But despite all the efforts to diversify away from mining, the city is doing well today because the mining industry is booming.
For IFIL, the investment represents an opportunity to acquire a majority position in what is widely regarded as the commercial real estate sector's foremost brand and a chance to diversify its own assets across a range of sectors, geographies and currencies.
Nonetheless many other publishers soon began to diversify. By the end of 1978 the association's fledging Guidebook to Newsletter Publishing already carried these chapters:
Thus, life in the tropics has had longer to diversify.
For 2006 to be a repeat of last year, executives say Sadia will need to mix things up and diversify. New products and new markets should make the company grow by 15% this year.
But it does not follow that an undiversified investor should have a remedy if he voluntarily assumes the unnecessary risk that goes with failure to diversify. Through diversification, an investor can eliminate the risk that goes with investing in a single stock without any sacrifice of expected return.
This includes capping the amount of company stock an individual can hold, making company matching contributions in cash rather than stock or, if matching is done with company stock, letting employees immediately diversify.
Defra offers a number of incentives to help farmers diversify, particularly the Rural Enterprise Scheme (RES).
When taken together, the investment options must allow each participant to diversify investment in the self-directed portion of his or her individual account.