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having variety of character or form or components

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I believe it can and does apply most efficiently, from the simple circumstance that the more diversified the descendants from any one species become in structure, constitution, and habits, by so much will they be better enabled to seize on many and widely diversified places in the polity of nature, and so be enabled to increase in numbers.
The more diversified in habits and structure the descendants of our carnivorous animal became, the more places they would be enabled to occupy.
The face of the country, for the last few miles, had been diversified by swells of land resembling huge waves of a petrified sea; and in one of the corresponding hollows, a wild and romantic spot, had the family reared their hut and kindled their fire.
Diversified, an automotive company producing components through a variety of metalworking methods in seven cities, finalized the purchase on Dec.
Before joining Secured Diversified Investment, Ltd.
Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong, real estate, telecommunications, diversified, $11 billion; 16.
UTEK Corporation (AMEX:UTK) (LSE-AIM:UTK), a specialty finance company focused on technology transfer, and Liberty Diversified Holdings, Inc.
These seemingly divergent business imperatives have led to a dramatic increase in the incidence of 401(a) money purchase plans, such as profit sharing plans funded primarily with employer contributions, according to Diversified Investment Advisors' recently released Report on Retirement Plans--2006.
Ed Ryan, CFA, a recognized leader in the retirement services industry, has joined Diversified Investment Advisors, Inc.
According to the fourth annual survey, Retirement Plan Trends in Today's Healthcare Market - 2006, conducted by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and Diversified Investment Advisors, Inc.
We at Global Media love where Sports Alumni is with their launch of the TEAM ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (TAP) and with the added marketing strength of their marketing and product development partner Diversified Entertainment Properties it is time to begin the program.
CHICAGO -- CCM Advisors, LLC announced today that AMBS Investment Counsel, LLC and SKBA Capital Management, LLC have been named sub-advisors to the American Hospital Association-sponsored AHA Diversified Equity Mutual Fund, a series of the CNI Charter Funds.
LOUIS -- Solar Night Industries (OTC: SLND) and Cherokee Diversified announced today (Tuesday) a joint initiative designed to bring solar technology to homeowners, businesses, educational institutions and developers in the Southwest United States.
UTEK Corporation (AMEX:UTK) (LSE-AIM:UTK) a specialty finance company focused on technology transfer, and Liberty Diversified Holdings, Inc.
Diversified Ethanol, a division of James Monroe Capital, has planned proprietary design upgrades and numerous other modifications to be engineered and supervised by Floyd Butterfield himself, making it more stable and reliable than ever before.
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