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"However, we take all instances where employee conduct could be seen to diversely affect the reputation of Liverpool council seriously and we will fully investigate."
We are both striving to be diversely unique in our respective fields."
"The school has fabulous facilities to help the children learn languages and I love the way they think about things so diversely," said Marga.
The dress allowance and travelling expenses of the little Scots lady who appears, diversely, at snooker, the Boat Race and Ski Sunday would, no doubt, keep a Guards Battalion in bullets.
Exciting and diversely presented content as well as intuitive, natural and human-like interfaces are indispensable to bind users to an interactive system with real and digital parts.
But in the 1960s and early '70s, she was very much part of New York's art scene; she knew everyone and is remembered as an intense and engaging figure (her inamorati included such diversely talented men as Dan Graham and Joey Ramone).
The correction-fanatic that he was would have been less impressed with the occasional 'literal': the author of one of only five works appearing in the 'Index des theses' is diversely given as Moussaire and Moussarie.
LEONARDO DA VINCI was probably the greatest painter ever and the most diversely talented person to have walked the earth.
Frontier also upgraded its telecommunications network, with Frontier's Pennsylvania operations now served by circuits that are diversely routed to Ashburn, Virginia and to Chicago, Illinois.
The Coal Exchange is a versatile and diversely programmed venue hosting corporate dinners and conferences, student balls, dinner-dances, socials, award ceremonies, after-shows, birthday parties and wedding receptions.
Adding to Merseyside's increasingly cosmopolitan and diversely different range of eateries, this will be the first of its kind outside London and Manchester.
``The public do not often get the chance to view our young people's art work, so this is a valuable opportunity to see how diversely their subjects have been interpreted.''
Although diversely inventive, the paintings are all of a piece: sonnets to Orpheus illuminated by the neon of a diner.