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Synonyms for divers

consisting of a number more than two or three but less than many

Synonyms for divers

many and different


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After the boat capsizing incident on July 3, the divers from Pakistan Army and Rescue 1122 had begun search for missing passengers but they failed to recover a single body.
The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (Maritime) said the diver, a local man, Ho Soon Lee, 41, was conducting recreational diving at 4.5 nautical miles northwest of Miri when the incident occurred.
But meanwhile, avid divers who have heard of the project are already contributing data via email.
The divers' exact location was difficult to establish at first due to poor radio reception.
DIR LOWER -- The District Dir Police have formed a team of volunteer diver to protect the people from being drowned in river water in the district.
I mean maybe I may be the most consistent but in any competition, there are many divers who can win.
The inshore lifeboat Peter Downes reached the divers and established that no one was in any immediate danger.
To address the above research problems, this paper aimed to: (1) examine the impact of SCUBA divers' underwater behaviour on coral and fish communities, (2) and explore factors that influence SCUBA divers' behaviour.
Four divers have been bitten in the waters off Brothers Island since June.
Silvertip sharks are potentially dangerous to humans, as they can sneak up quickly and quietly on divers, especially if there's food around.
It is this reason the group Dirty Hands Divers was formed by concerned divers Warren Co, Jojo Gador, John Calbalde, Eugene Te and resort manager Janneth Cubabab.
27-28 attracted 60,000 visitors and exhibitors comprised mainly of diving industry travel operators, dive clubs and dive resorts and destinations, professional and leisure divers as well as suppliers of dive equipment and gear," the TPB said.
The Egyptian diver Ahmed Gabr officially breaks the world record for the deepest scuba dive, reaching a depth of 332.35 metres
He also said divers checked the resort's recent guest list and did not find any one by the name of Charlie.