divergent thinker

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a thinker who moves away from the problem as stated and often has novel ideas and solutions

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A high level of interest in the OT profession by divergent thinkers, however, may not translate to a high number of OT students who are divergent thinkers.
(Divergent thinkers, it's interesting to note, aced the concentration test.)
It is the divergent thinkers that produce progress.
The authors praise divergent thinkers as necessary to take advantage of "discontinuities" in the market.
Many divergent thinkers possess apparently opposing traits: they may be passionate and objective or proud and humble; they may be both extroverted and introverted; in negotiations they may be flexible and unyielding, attentive and wandering.
"It's those divergent thinkers" who can be inspired to pull together all aspects of their learning to create something new.
They are by and large divergent thinkers who look at a problem from as many viewpoints as possible.
I get super excited watching them become the divergent thinkers I know they all are!
Such classes offer an opportunity for girls to develop problem-solving skills, become divergent thinkers, increase their self-esteem and confidence in math ability, and become aware of gender and stereotyping issues without the distraction of boys.
These artisans--highly creative pioneers--have included such divergent thinkers and surreal visualizers as Chagall, Joan Mira, Magritte, Dali and de Chirico.
Should we develop problem solvers, decision makers, and divergent thinkers?